House Cleaning Service

After removing furniture from your house, we will gladly take on the task of cleaning up the kitchen, bathroom, windows and steam cleaning the carpets and floors with our high quality equipment before returning the key to the real-estate for you, all for a reasonable price.
We use different equipment for different floor materials
Steam cleaner clean up all stain on the carpet!

Price list

Pricing depends on the number of bedrooms.
Prices are subject to change depending on if the rooms are furnished or not. 

1 BedroomUnfurnished:$150
2 BedroomUnfurnished:$160
3 BedroomUnfurnished:$260
4 BedroomUnfurnished:$290

House cleaning service

We provide house cleaning service as well as carpet cleaning at a special price for you. We can clean parts of your house like your kitchen only, or the whole house as per requested by the you. We can also take care of the stubborn stains that are hard to remove; feel free to ask us for more details, including price quotation.

We remove water stein completely.
Sticky oil stain are also removed!
Number of roomsMoving out/in CleaningWeekend
1 Bedroom$350$385
2 Bedroom$460$506
3 Bedroom$550$605
4 Bedroom$750$825

Above pricing is for 1 kitchen, 1 Living room and 1 bathroom.
If you have more than one of these area’s, the below rates will be charged.
Please note some stains cannot be removed completely

Place Fee
Living room$60

We will charge 10% GST to the above prices.