We have summarized some tips for efficient house moving, that may help you in your moving if used as a guideline.


House moving is a good chance for sorting out through unused items. Let’s sort out and dispose of items if not needed.
The first step of house moving is sorting which items to carry to new house. Some people might think that this is the most difficult point, so start sorting through items two weeks prior to house moving.

A good technique in moving houses is to start early and not quickly. Start to sort through the room you don’t enter as often and work your way around the house into places such as bedrooms and the kitchen.

Main point of house moving is sorting out through stuff needed and not needed. Let’s move necessary objects into another room so what remains will be unnecessary items to take on the move, making cleaning a time efficient process.

When all stuff in the room is necessary, let’s start packing. Just by during this, it will make it easier to pack. If you live in alone, let’s separate the space with furniture.

If you have any stuff which is not needed in new house but still can be used, you can sell at our garage sale.


Make sure you mark each parcel to show where your box goes.
There are some tips for efficient packing; try to stack items inside the box so that they do not fall down.

About packing of clothes

We do not recommend packing up clothes into plastic bags because if the bag breaks, it will cause of damage to the clothes. Let’s pack them into a cardboard box, to also reduce time for loading into truck.

* Don’t over load such you cannot carry!

To start packing your clothes, firstly dispose of all unused items of clothing; if they can still be used, you may decide to donate them. All the remaining clothes in your drawers should be those that you still wear. When packing these into boxes, it will make it an easier job if you pull out the drawer and place it next to you. It will save time on the day of moving if you remove all clothing from the drawers as these are transported individually in the truck.
*When you are using furniture which were purchased from IKEA, some of them are very fragile to carry, so please ask our staff beforehand to avoid damage.

Packing of books and documents

Please use small size cardboard box to pack books as it will become very heavy. Please put books half of the box and put another half for light stuff, as otherwise, the bottom of the box will fall out. Also, to prevent such events, please ensure you layer the bottom and sides of the box 3 times with tape.

*Don’t overload!
*Please setup parcel properly like left instruction.

Packing of dishes, kitchen and tablewares

If you are packing tableware, please use old newspaper or something soft to use up all the dead space to avoid any damage.
 *In case of damage to items inside the box and the cardboard box is not damaged, we will not apply warranty. If you worry about some fragile items, please ask us before you move.
Please put the sign of “fragile” or “breakable” on the box.

*Example of packing

*Example of paking into parcel

When packing tableware into the box, there is an efficient way. Make some layers of bubble wrap between the dishes and avoid direct contact of dishes. Due to the clear material of the bubble wrap, it’s also easier to identify which dish it is.

Electronic items

If you still keep the original box of electronic items, pack again into that box. If you have already disposed of the original box, we will deeply care with transport. However, if you encounter problems for the item without damage on outside of box, it will not be covered with our warranty.
Please carry laptop computer or external hard disk drive with you.

Please turn off the switch of fridge before the day of house moving to avoid water leakage, especially if travel time is estimated to be more than two hours

Other tips

The stuff that will be used in new house soon, such as tooth brush or face washing creams are best packed last.
Let’s put keys for new and old house in a bag used daily to prevent it from becoming lost.
We cannot treat jewelry, money, stocks and dangerous items, so please carry them yourself.
Get everyone to help with packing items into the boxes, look out for each other as it is very easy to be distracted from packing at the sight of old photo’s.


Let’s put the room number such as A,B,C or 1,2,3…

After finishing packing, make sure to label your boxes until the deadline.

Let’s measure all furniture which will be moved into new house. Then, with the floor plan that you can receive from your real estate, start to place the location of furniture into floor plan. It will make it easier to plan if you make a mini-scaled house including your furniture. This way, it will make it easier for you to plan according to space before you move into your new house.

In most of cases, the floor layout of current house and new house is not same. So, you should prepare furniture allocation plan for efficient house moving. Location for the fridge and washing machine are particularly important, as people cannot put such furniture into certain space alone. So we strongly recommend to measure the size of floor before move in.
Allocate room numbers for each room and on the parcels as well, as explaining destination of each parcel as it arrives is time-consuming.

The tip to efficient house moving is through time management. Especially, on the day of house moving, everyone become desperate, so you should prepare well before the day of moving.


The last step is unpacking. If you execute all tips until here, unpacking will become very smooth.

Let’s put cardboard box in front of furniture which is located at planned place. Then, let’s open and move from box to furniture.
After unpacking contents of the box, there will be many empty boxes. So, let’s prepare a large size box and put in all the smaller and empty boxes after it’s been squashed or flattened. From this, you can clean up smoothly. These are the last tips for house moving.