Local Moving

If you are looking to move houses within NSW, use our house moving service. From studio room to multiple bed room, we will care for your furniture.

River express special price

We recommend the below River express house moving service.
When we deliver Eco-basket, we will explain details about number of workers and some other instructions to you.
If you wish to move out from more than 3 bedrooms, please ask us before you decide the day of moving out. We will visit your house and estimate the working hours. If you need to use more than two trucks, we will ask you for an extra charge.
If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us using our inquiry forms.

1man + Van
2men + Truck
3men + Truck


The minimum charge of inner metro area house moving is 2hour of labour and 1hour Call out (Traveling Fee.) 

In the case of more than 45km from our warehouse in Alexandria, We will charge more than 1hr for Call out (Traveling Fee).

Simple calculation: 2 hours any above local relocation plan + 1 hour travel fee + GST


Also, we can arrange trucks and vans as below images.

4man + Van  + Truck
4men + 2 Truck
5men + 1 large Truck + Truck

Reliable high quality services you can trust

We cover large furnishing items, so they won’t be damaged.

A fridge is also covered by a blanket

Large furniture is moved from the window

We will gladly dismuntle and assembly furniting items

Eco basket is easy for packing

We also care your stuff in storage!

eco basket

We can provide you with 10 of our eco-baskets 1-2 weeks prior to you moving, free of charge for you!

Packing is the most difficult part of house moving. Please use our Eco Basket to save time. These are re-usable baskets.

Special point of Eco Basket

This basket can use without sealing tape and pile up.
This basket is free to use, so you can save budget for house moving and help the environment through multiple usages.

Reusable hanger box

You can use the reusable hanger box easily, by putting in your clothes on their hangers directly.

Mattress cover

The Mattress cover is water proof, so we can safety move your mattress even on rainy days.

blanket cover

With our blanket cover, we can easily package your blankets without any damage.

Refrigerator cover

We put cover on refrigerator to avoid damage.

sofa cover

We also have sofa cover to avoid damage.

Sales of cardboard box

We also sell cardboard box.
If you need to pack special items, you can purchase a cardboard box from us.

Small size: For books
Medium size: For clothes, daily items
Picture carton: For pictures
Buffer material: For dishes and Frigile items