To ensure our clients can comfortably use our services, we take care in protecting your privacy. Therefore, we will store our client's details according to our privacy policy.


In order to protect customer’s privacy, we carefully store your details under all laws and regulations, and under company rules. These rules are abided by all workers to ensure the safe storage of our client information.


  1. upon receiving client’s personal details
    When we receive privacy information from clients such as Name, Age, Telephone number, Address and Occupation, we clearly the state objectives and purposes for needing and using information for specific occasions.
  2. usage of client’s details
    We do not use privacy information which is provided from customer, other than the area of objective. On the occasion that we use a client’s personal details for more than we mentioned, we will contact the customer before hand. If customer does not agree with the new purposes, customer is able to reject.
    If customer does not wish to provide privacy information to us, customer has the right to not provide privacy information. (In this case, customer cannot use some our sevices)
  3. Provision of personal details to third party groups.
    We will not provide any client details to third party groups except for the below cases.
    1. Customer’s acknowledgement.
    2. In case of company which has contract of Confidentiality with others.
      When a nondisclosure agreement has been signed with a different company to ours, and client details are needed to provide for all services
    3. On occasions required by law.
      We will do our best to protect the customer’s, but if required, we will provide personal details required by law.
  4. Safety measures for privacy information.
    To prevent our customer’s details from being misused, lost or leaked, we have various safety measures. If the company decides that a particular client record do not need to be kept, they are deleted upon some occasions.
  5. Regarding privacy information inquiry from customer.
    In case of inquiries regarding personal details from our clients, we will confirm their identity first, and then continue on to help you. If your customer details are incorrect, please contact the person below to fix them.


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